Professional and Dedicated Family Medicine Services

Truly being healthy is a blessing and shouldn’t be taken for granted at all. Getting proper healthcare continues to be challenging for many individuals due to a lack of proper health care and health facilities, poor infrastructure, and high living costs. However, eating right and practicing healthy lifestyle habits will help prevent and lower the risks of infections hence enhancing your health as a whole. Good health improves your life quality and is also efficient for proper body functioning in your daily activities. Matt Pabis, MD, is a family medicine practice committed to providing quality healthcare services to help their patients live better, healthy lives. The East Village arthritis specialist is highly skilled and qualified in offering extensive treatments to better your life.

Dr. Matt Pabis is a board-certified family medicine doctor who dedicates his life to providing comprehensive health care services to all his patients in New York. In his practice, Matt Pabis, MD, strives to provide personalized care to meet all his patients’ needs. He started his medical work working for a significant corporate medical practice. He felt the need to get to know his patients; hence, he started his practice to fulfill his desire to spend more time with his patients and make their lives and health better.

When Dr. Pabis got the chance, he started his primary care. He took the position of a medical director of a psychiatric and substance abuse clinic located in the same building as his office. His practice dedicates to helping patients be as healthy as they can be. He takes time to develop customized treatments with his patients to meet their unique health needs. The practice provides general family medicine services, including birth control, men’s health, gynecology, diabetes, and high blood pressure. He also offers opioid addiction therapy, medical cannabinoids, preventive HIV medication, and Vivitrol injections.

Some of the services offered include


Diabetes requires proper medical care to prevent severe medical conditions. Matt Pabis, MD, is your health partner and provides comprehensive care in offering solutions to your health problems. Visit them today for services to improve your health.

Birth control

Birth control is vital in helping you plan on when to have your children. Dr. Pabis provides detailed birth control options and helps women choose the right one for them. Call to schedule a consultation.


HIV continues to affect many people in the world today, increasing their risk of more infections. Matt Pabis, MD, provides PrEP therapy to lower the chances of HIV infections. Visit them today to learn more.

Matt Pabis, MD, started with the goal to better people’s health and lives as well. Located in New York, the practice is committed to providing efficient primary and general health care services to improve patients’ lives. The experienced and dedicated Dr. Pabis believes in building strong relationships with his patients; hence he spends enough time with them, answering and listening to their concerns. Then together with them, he develops personalized treatment options. He offers general healthcare services, including men’s health, gynecology, addiction medicine, flu treatment, arthritis, and high blood pressure. Visit Matt Pabis, MD, for services to improve your health and better your life.