Provision of Gynecological Care in Decatur

Women have special health care needs that require to be attended to by experienced gynecology experts. Decatur gynecology offers quality care to women in a friendly and comfortable environment. The health care needs to be catered for in this facility include a close examination of symptoms involving the reproductive organs, well-women visits, and STI screening.

What is involved in gynecology care?

The focus of gynecology care is on the health of your reproductive organs and the female pelvis. The services offered in the facility include:

  •       Diagnosis and treatment of both urinary tract infections and yeast infections
  •       Management of menopause
  •       Women wellness examination carried out every year.
  •       A close evaluation of some irregular signs and symptoms like pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding
  •       Breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer screening
  •       Screening of STDs such as HIV and herpes genitalis
  •       Screening and management of PMS
  •       Dietary evaluations and recommendations to promote body fitness

In most health facilities, generally, the prevention and treatment of gynecological problems and complications are usually the main focus.

What is a well-woman exam?

An annual well-woman exam is said to be the cornerstone of gynecology care. During this visit, an evaluation is carried out to determine the overall health and wellness and emphasizing your reproductive health, especially the breasts and pelvic organs.

The annual exam starts when you are a teen to establish a trusting relationship between you and your gynecologist. In this visit, a pelvic examination is not carried out. However, there is room for the girl to ask questions regarding their menstrual cycle, sexuality, and unusual symptoms. Additionally, this annual exam usually continues during and after menopause.

After attaining twenty-one years, a pelvis examination is usually carried out. Similarly, a pap smear is also taken so that you can be screened for cervical cancer. A clinical breast examination is also done together with other necessary tests. During this time, you are allowed to ask other questions regarding your gynecological health, like issues related to fertility, vaginal discharge, STDs, and any unusual pain.

What routine tests does gynecology care involve?

 A pap smear test is carried out to help identify cancerous cells in your cervix. One is advised to have this test every three years. An HPV test for adult women is also carried out to check for human papilloma virus, which is a common sexually transmitted infection.

In case you experience pain during sex, irregular bleeding, or an abdominal clot, your gynecologist may require some additional tests to be carried out. For example, an ultrasound may be done to look for an ovarian cyst or fibroid.

Is a mammogram part of your routine gynecology care?

Typically, yearly mammograms are recommended, especially after attaining forty years because breast health is a part of gynecology health. If you have a family history or history of breast cancer, you are advised to begin mammograms early, or you are requested to have them more frequently.

Suppose you are experiencing some pelvic cramping, vaginal pain, or unusual vaginal discharge, book an appointment online to receive gynecology care at Dekalb Women’s Specialists. Several urinary tests and other tests are performed in this facility to identify the cause of the problem. You can also call their offices today to acquire more information about the services they offer.