Safe sex tips for boys and girls

Safe sex is one thing that should be made a routine be it amongst teens or among elders. In the advanced times today, it is actually amazement to understand the importance of safe sex. Virginity currently is being lost early; young people are getting children at a time when it is not right, sex clubs and bungalows are all over in the urban communities to satisfy puberty in boys, etc.

Undesirable pregnancies, HIV positive cases, cancer of the cervix, infertility etc., are all advancing due to unhygienic sex practices. Given below are certain safe sex tips that are a must to follow.

  1. 1. Practice masturbation – This is 100% safe and there will be no day you will whine to the practice. In masturbation, it is you and only you with no pressure at all. Unquestionably, this will give you better satisfaction down the road.
  1. Caressing with your hands – This sounds fascinating to young people particularly and doesn’t convey any dangers whatsoever. You can do this as frequently as you like as after all, the entire organ is all yours.
  1. Stroking with the mouth – This is oral sex. It is generally protected on the grounds that it can’t make you pregnant or pass on infections. Ailments such as herpes, gonorrhea and some other limited infections won’t attack you will pass. HIV has likewise been affirmed to get communicated through vaginal or rectal lovemaking.
  1. Utilize a condom– This kind of protection method is one of the safest. It is sheltered as long as you wear it appropriately. Condoms are significant and must be utilized when you go with somebody you don’t know of. Condoms are there for both genders now. The assurances ought to be utilized for the whole lovemaking process to stay away for anything unfortunate. Care must be taken whenever expired or not worn appropriately as it may give way to an unplanned pregnancy.
  1. Utilize a diaphragm – For this situation, without a doubt, you will be infected if your partner is not hygienic or clean. But, you won’t get pregnant.
  1. Oral pills for contraception – Pills have demonstrated to work past any uncertainty. If you forgot to get a condom or are in no mood to wear it, just popping a contraceptive pill will take care of the work.
  1. Stay away from a lot of liquor – Everyone knows very well liquor is calming and will make a person go out of senses. Numerous diseases and pregnancies happen for the sake of having unprotected sex when badly drunk. HIV has wrecked numerous who, to a great extent, got it when they were not in their senses. With liquor, numerous cases of rash sex have also been reported.

In synopsis, avoid pregnancy and diseases or both by rehearsing great sex conduct with these sex tips. You can choose to be monogamous for better outcomes or settle on an astute decision among the choices given above.