Spider Veins Treatment in Morgantown

Many people suffer from spider veins, and they find them unattractive even though they don’t cause any serious medical conditions. Suppose you are looking to find treatment for spider veins in Morgantown.  At Dr. White’s Vein Center and Morgantown SculpSure & Clear Ink, PLLC, you will find a reliable doctor who is experienced and well trained in treating spider veins conditions. With top-level education, Dr. White is passionate about his clients and will work tirelessly to get you the solutions that you require. You will not have to worry anymore because of the spider veins that appear on your skin.

You will get the advice you need from an experienced doctor to help you to get the desired results. Many people do not understand why they appear on their skin, and at the facility, you will understand why and get lasting solutions.

Understanding Spider veins

These are tiny blood vessels that you see appearing on your skin surface. They are mostly purple, red, or blue and flush against your skin. They are not large or bulging like varicose veins, and many health practitioners treat them as cosmetic conditions because they do not lead to any medical issues.

They do not cause any pain or irritation, but many people dislike them when they appear on their skin surfaces. They can appear on your legs or face and might make you feel self-conscious therefore causing self-esteem issues.

When you visit the facility in Morgantown, you will find the solution you need to ensure that you can lead a confident life. You will not have to be shy about your appearance, and Dr. White will work closely with you to get you the results you desire.

What causes these spider veins to appear on your skin surface

The most likely areas that spider veins appear on your skin are leg and face areas. Few factors lead to spider veins appearing on your skin, such as:

  •   Genetics
  •   Old age
  •   Obesity
  •   Hormones
  •   Pregnancy

Spider veins on your face could be caused by exposure to the sun or increased blood pressure. These factors can cause the blood vessels near your skin surface to bulge and burst. When they appear on your legs, it might be a result of faulty valves located in the veins. When these valves that allow blood to travel upward to your heart malfunction, your veins could expand due to blood pools getting more blood than they can pump.

What are the treatment options available?

At Dr. White’s Vein Center and Morgantown SculpSure & Clear Ink, PLLC, the team has the experience and training needed to give you the best results. The treatment options that you can expect to find at the center include:

  •   Sclerotherapy that uses injectable solutions that dissolve the vein
  •   Exercise stockings elevation and still (ESES), which is a conservative treatment that focuses on regular exercise while wearing compression stockings.

You will also get lifestyle suggestions that help in reducing the occurrence of spider veins on your skin. Dr. White and his medical staff personalize treatment services to get the best results for their clients.

Visit Dr. White’s Vein Center and Morgantown SculpSure & Clear Ink, PLLC, for spider veins treatment.

If you want to get rid of your spider veins, Dr. White and his team have the most advanced treatment solutions that can guarantee you desired results. Call the center to book an appointment, and it will be the best first step you will make to reducing and preventing the occurrence of spider veins on your skin.