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Stretch Marks Don’t Have to Last Forever

Many people will eventually get stretch marks. While new stretch marks can start to fade over time, they still won’t go away entirely without assistance from medical professionals. At Rock Hill, stretch mark reduction procedures can help you get clearer skin. While you might try to stop yourself from getting these sorts of scars in the first place, there’s only so much that you can do to make that possible.

Developing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are often associated with pregnancy. However, stretch marks can also form any time a patient’s weight substantially changes for any reason. It’s important to note that while gaining weight can lead to stretch marks, so can losing weight. Weightlifters and bodybuilders can also get stretch marks, even though they’re focusing on gaining muscle mass.

You can’t always prepare for dramatic weight fluctuations. Patients might be able to prevent the formation of some stretch marks through the application of specialized moisturizers. If you’re planning on losing weight or building muscle, you can start using these moisturizers immediately. However, people can frequently gain or lose weight as a result of an illness or developmental change.

Patients who went through particularly rapid growth spurts at puberty frequently have stretch marks. Many medications can also cause unpredictable levels of weight gain. Some medications and lotions might even promote the development of stretch marks by interfering with the skin’s adaptability and resilience. It’s common for patients to live with stretch marks, and not all of these scars will be small.

Stretch Marks and Related Issues

Even severe stretch marks aren’t medically harmful. These scars can sometimes cause localized skin irritation, however. Smaller stretch marks might not cause any additional skin problems, however, many of the people who have stretch marks have larger and more obtrusive versions, and these can be more frustrating.

Because stretch marks involve indentations, they can be much more obvious than other scars. These scars also frequently form in groups, and they’ll all be similar in shape and size. They can have a more dramatic effect on a person’s appearance than other scars as a result. Even the smaller stretch marks that have partially faded with time can still bother people emotionally. Fortunately, it’s now possible to make stretch marks less apparent by using laser energy systems.

Lasers and Stretch Marks

The same moisturizers that might help to stop some stretch mark problems usually won’t have much of an effect on the stretch marks that are already there. Stretch marks aren’t caused by dry skin. The tissue has been damaged, and now it’s getting in the way and interfering with the natural skin healing process. Lasers can actually target this scarred tissue and gradually change its structure.

After the heat energy from the lasers has caused the damaged skin to fragment, the body can then add collagen and healthier cells to the area. The skin will eventually appear to be significantly healthier as a result. It might take half a dozen laser treatments to get to that point, but the effects will last.

Stretch marks can be treated and reduced, just like most scars. Your skin will change throughout your life, and it’s possible to use technology to help the skin heal in the right way; laser treatments can be part of this process.