The Importance Of Dignifying And Safe Facilities For Substance Abuse Recovery

Facilities For Substance Abuse Recovery Should Be Both Safe And Dignifying

Whether you are a family member trying to help a loved one get back on track, or an HR manager sponsoring recovery for your employees, the substance abuse recovery facility that you choose should be both safe and dignified. The safety of a substance abuse facility has always been important, but it has become even more so after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. If hygiene is not taken seriously, substance abuse facilities can easily become virus hotspots.


Most psychologists, social workers, and recovery workers agree that addiction is a disease. That is why it is so important not to stigmatize those who are suffering from addiction. This is why a substance abuse treatment facility should be dignified. What does “dignified” mean? In this case, it means several things:

· Patients should be in a controlled environment, but should not be made to feel like inmates

· Patients should be held accountable without being demeaned or belittled

·  The living environment should be adequate and comfortable

All too often, treatment facilities feel more like prisons than anything else. Patients are packed into small spaces, furnishings are threadbare, and the atmosphere is one of despair instead of hope. Recovery is much harder to achieve in such places. If you are an HR manager who is sponsoring recovery for your employees, it is a good idea to tour the facilities first. This way, you can get a first-hand look and judge for yourself whether the living space is dignified or not.


Dignity and safety often go hand-in-hand, especially in our post-COVID-19 society. This is especially true in substance abuse treatment centers. If patients are forced to live in an undignified manner, they are at greater risk for viruses such as COVID-19. This is why, for example, hygiene bedroom furniture is so important. This type of furniture should be found in every bedroom in a substance abuse recovery facility. But what is hygiene bedroom furniture and how does it work? It includes bedding that is easy to clean and resistant to diseases. Proper hygiene not only prevents the spread of infections; it also helps patients sleep better. Bedding that is dirty and itchy can make it difficult for patients to sleep. As anyone who has spent time in a recovery facility will tell you, maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is crucial to the recovery process.

Check The Reviews

Checking the reviews of a treatment facility is another great way to assess whether that facility is the right fit for your employee or loved one. Read reviews that were written by former patients, as well as the family members and employers of those patients. This will give you a wide range of perspectives, which is always important when assessing a treatment facility. With the right facility, and the right support from people like you, those who suffer from addiction can recover and live productive, fulfilling lives.