The Importance of Visiting a Dentist Regularly

A visit to the dentist is not one that people often look forward to. According to doctor Phillip Chien, DDS, visiting the dentist regularly helps identify a dental problem before it occurs. Additionally, when you visit the dental clinic regularly, it helps keep your gums and teeth healthy. Your dentist can also help identify other diseases while still at the initial stages and recommend you to treatment in advance. These are ways that regular dental check-ups can be more profitable to your general health than you would expect.

What happens during a dental visit?

A dental visit is often classified into two parts: examination or checkup and oral prophylaxis or cleaning. At the examination, the dentists may need to perform x-rays for easy cavity detection between teeth. During this stage, the dentist is interested in looking at your dental alignment as well. The dentist is keen to observe how your entire mouth is, and they are always ready to give a recommendation based on the findings.

The dentist also examines your gums and checks for plaque and tartar on your teeth. When you brush or floss your teeth it helps keep them clean but does not eliminate tartar buildup. When your teeth have a huge tartar buildup it can result in oral diseases. This could be quite painful and expensive to treat.

While examining the gums, the dentist uses a special tool that measures the space between the gum and teeth to see whether your teeth and gum are healthy. People with gum diseases have larger spaces compared to those with healthy gums.

The dentist also takes time to examine the patient’s neck, head, throat, face, and tongue at the examination stage. If there is any unusual redness or swelling, the dentist will recommend getting relevant assistance.

The next stage is cleaning your teeth. Your dentist will use special tools to help remove bacteria layers that form on your teeth, minimizing the risks of oral diseases. Your teeth will be scaled, polished, and flossed to ensure that they are completely clean.

How to Prepare For a Dental Visit

Dentists recommend a regular visit every six months, especially if you have healthy teeth. Depending on your doctor, the visits can be increased or reduced. Every time you are done with one visit, it is always recommended to prepare for the next visit. Early preparations help your teeth have improved in health between your visits, and the dentist will not have to go through a hard time examining you.

Ensuring that you brush daily and floss regularly minimizes the formation of plaque on your teeth. It is also recommended to use mouthwash to control bacteria, improving your oral health. If you are yet to start taking your dental visits seriously, it is time you get started. Your dentist plays a significant role in ensuring that you get a better smile and lead a healthy life.