The Primary Steps of Neck Lift Plastic Surgery

Your neck may suffer from wrinkled and sagging skin. Wrinkles and sagging skin typically result from aging, skin irritation, and skin dehydration. Excess sagging skin around your neck sometimes depreciates your beauty. Neck lifting is a cosmetic service used to remove your excess skin and tighten the remaining skin. The surgeon examines your overall health before performing plastic surgery. If your neck skin has sagged and you feel depreciated, consult neck lift in Reston for plastic surgery. Below are steps followed by a surgeon during a neck lift.

Steps followed during neck lift plastic surgery

Neck lift plastic surgery should be performed by a specialist who is qualified to avoid side effects. There are varieties of steps to be followed to have a successful neck lift surgery. Procedure includes;

  •   Neck skin cleaning. Your doctor will apply for some medicine on the surface of your neck to clean and disinfect. Disinfection is vital since it prevents pathogens that might be present on your skin.
  •   Anesthesia. After cleaning and disinfecting your skin. Your physician will then apply an intravenous sedative drug or general anesthesia to eliminate discomforts. The doctor will suggest the best anesthesia for you, which will not cause harm to you.
  •   Skin cutting. The skin incision is made depending on the amount of your excess skin. There are two types of incisions, which include the traditional neck lift incision and limited incision neck lift. For a traditional neck lift incision, your doctor starts the surgery from hairlines, moving down to the eyes and ends around the posterior hair. However, the available fact on your neck is redistributed to your jaws. After fat redistribution, the surgeon removes the excess skin, and the remaining skin, which is commonly known as platysma muscle, is tightened.

For a limited neck lift, incisions are made around your ear. The incisions are shorter since there is no removal and redistribution of fat.

  •   Sealing of incisions. The incisions made during surgery are closed with sutures or skin glue. Closings of incisions are done to prevent the wounds from getting infected. Sutures are then removed after several days to facilitate good recovery. Some of the incisions are hidden using your hair or the contour of the ear.
  •   See the outcome. The doctor gives you some time to wake up due to the anesthesia. The results make you confident.

The recovery process of a neck lift surgery

After a successful surgery, the doctor will give you some instructions to follow for better recovery. A tight bandage may be placed around your neck to concentrate your skin in one position. The bandage also minimizes neck swelling. A tube is also placed at the area of surgery to remove excess blood. It is vital to sleep at the right angle to prevent damaging your incisions.

Neck lift surgery is mostly done for older women. The neck plastic surgery eliminates the excess skin around your neck, and the remaining skin is tightened around the ears. Neck lift surgery improves your look, thus enhancing your beauty.