Three Types Of PPE To Consider

During these uncertain times as millions Americans struggle to deal with the societal changes brought on by the deadly coronavirus. The virus has greatly affected most of our daily activities, including work and schooling. Although the initial wariness may have worn off, it’s important to continue prioritizing protection and integrating it as a part of your routine to keep you and your family safe. Here are three different types of personal protective equipment you can integrate into your daily life to keep you and your family safe.

Face Coverings

Face masks are the number one way to protect yourself from both contracting and potentially spreading coronavirus. It’s of the utmost importance that you wear a face mask anytime that you’ll be in public or within a reasonable distance of any people outside of your home. One of the main causes of people not wearing face masks in public is the fact that it can disrupt your ability to see, speak, and breathe. A great alternative to a traditional cotton face mask are face shields which can still protect you from breathing in the infectious droplets known to cause the coronavirus. Finding a face mask that you can consistently wear and is comfortable should be the goal, as you’ll be more likely to wear it out in public and integrate it as a part of your daily routine.


Wearing gloves when you go out and about is another great way to protect yourself from contracting coronavirus. This is especially true as you go into places like grocery stores, where you’re handling multiple items at once. However, it’s important that if you’re wearing gloves in public that you do not touch your face, as you can easily transfer the virus onto your face if you’re not careful. Keeping hand sanitizer with you when you go out and in your car is a another great option for protecting your hands. Although most studies indicate the majority of cases of the coronavirus were spread through droplets via human respiration, some studies have also indicated that the virus can stay alive on surfaces for up to three hours at a time.

Eye Protection

Another necessary form of personal protective equipment that you should consider is eye protection. Some people that have contracted coronavirus have found that it actually entered their system through their eyes. Protecting your eyes is a great way to decrease your ability to contract the virus this way. If you wear eyeglasses, make sure that you consistently disinfect them when you get home.