Tips To Keep Your Spine Healthy and Happy

The spine is an essential part of the body. It plays a vital role in keeping you up and running in every activity. However, when the range is hurting, undertaking your routine becomes a whole challenge. Whether it’s strained muscles, spinal stenosis, or a herniated disc, diagnosing and treating the cause of the pain can take much time. Orthopedic Spinal Surgery Matawan, is a spine treatment specialist dedicated to ensuring you live a quality life. Below is what your doctor advocates for a healthy spine.

Strengthen your back muscles and abs by exercising your core

While on the route to supporting your spine, you need to ensure you take off pressure from the lower back. You need to ensure your core muscle is engaged as a way of relieving the spine. The core muscle is located in your abdomen and lower back. For a better experience, the muscle needs to be toned by getting involved in exercises that target the exact spot. Before you get started, it is essential to communicate with your doctor, health professional, or therapist for appropriate exercises. This will guarantee that you will have all the focus towards the right muscle hence activate results. With the right exercise, it will be easy to relieve your back pain.

Limit the time spent while seated

Sitting feels comfortable, especially when you are in an office or working in any environment. However, when you sit for a long duration during the day, your lower back discs bear more weight. This, in return, will aggravate or create a painful back condition. Most times, when seated, you will tend to lean and slouch forward to enhance your vision. This habit instead stresses your lumbar discs more and in return worsens the problem. The best way to avoid this is by practicing good posture and sitting on a comfortable chair that naturally supports your back curves. However, most importantly, make it a habit to stretch or stand after every few hours to reduce pressure on your discs.

Wear the right shoes

Apart from making you look fashionable and attractive, the shoes you wear play a significant role in supporting your lower back. With the right pair, you are guaranteed to have a supportive base that will ensure your body and spine are aligned. You need to ensure the shoe fits perfectly and it is not too loose or too tight but instead allows your foot to flex to avoid supination or pronation.

Rest the spine while sleeping

Whenever you get to bed after a busy day, all your body parts have an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. Your spine should not be exempted while the rest of the body parts are relaxing. For your spine to rest, you need to invest in supportive mattresses and pillows that will keep your spine comfortable and supported during the rest.

A healthy spine guarantees that you have the strength to undertake your daily responsibilities at ease. It allows you to experience life from a different perspective and confidently. If you are experiencing any problem related to your spine, contact doctor Dr. Nicole for professional medical assistance to help you live a life free from back pain.