Top 5 Reasons to Try Indoor Cycling Classes

We all know how important regular exercise is. We also know that motivating ourselves to exercise is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Enter indoor cycling classes. Whether you call it cycling or spinning, taking a class could provide the motivation you have been looking for. Indoor cycling could be the key to a whole new you.

For the record, there is no single standard for what an indoor cycling class should be. At the Mcycle Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah, they place a heavy emphasis on music to both motivate and form the basis of a full body workout. Not every studio does things that way. Thus, finding a studio that you are comfortable with might require some time and effort.

With that said, here are the top five reasons to try indoor cycling classes:

1. All Skill Levels Are Welcome

Cycle studio instructors are fully aware that not everyone is at the same level. As such, studios typically offer a variety of classes to accommodate all skill levels. As a beginner, you would not be expected to take an advanced class that pushes you beyond your capabilities.

Some studios further breakdown classes by sex and age. In such cases, you might have the opportunity to take a class along with students of the same sex, who are also a roughly the same age and skill level.

2. The Investment is Reasonable

The advantage of getting your exercise via cycling classes is that you are not investing in your own equipment. A good quality stationary bike with programmable capabilities can run you hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. You might not have that kind of money lying around.

Before you invest money in your own cycle for home use, take a class or two. Figure out if it is really what you want to do for exercise. Classes are pretty reasonable in terms of price.

3. It’s a Good Workout

Cycling classes are typically geared toward cardiovascular exercise. In other words, you work hard for a certain amount of time in order to keep your heart rate up. At the same time, you are also burning calories and building muscle. Cycling is a good activity for losing weight and improving overall fitness.

4. It is Social

Some of the most ardent supporters of indoor cycling are quick to remind beginners that the activity is a social one. Going to class ends up being more than just driving to a building to get hot and sweaty. It is also an exercise in meeting friends, talking about life, and enjoying one another’s company through a shared activity.

The social aspects of indoor cycling are as important to some people as the actual exercise itself. Exercising in groups is a chance to exercise one’s social skills in addition to the muscles and heart.

5. It is Whatever You Make It

Finally, indoor cycling is whatever you make it. If your entire goal is to push yourself physically, you can gradually take more advanced classes until you reach the highest level. You can go on to become an instructor yourself. You are limited only by your own desire and willingness to work.

If your goal is simply to get some regular exercise and enjoy some time out of the house, indoor cycling accomplishes that as well. You do not have to become the best cyclist in the studio. You do not have to take more advanced classes if you don’t want to. You do you and let other cyclists do themselves.

So, are you ready to try indoor cycling?