Top Signs You May Have an Infection After Sex 

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you make drastic decisions and have unprotected sex. Such an instance may cloud your feelings, and you may end up regretting it. However, you can consult the experts for sexual health in Miami to reclaim your confidence and control in sexual health. 

If you acquire an infection after sex, you may have some distinct signs and symptoms as outlined below: 

1.      Strange Discharge 

In a healthy vagina, it is normal to have an odorless discharge. However, when you have an infection, your discharge quantity and color will change significantly. For instance, your discharge may change to yellow, grey, lumpy, or frothy white and even brown. 

Additionally, the discharge will increase in quantity and may spot on your underwear. In some instances, you may also notice some blood stains in your vaginal discharge. 

2.      Fishy Smell 

A common joke is that a vagina is not supposed to smell like rose flowers. However, it shouldn’t have an unpleasant smell either. The vagina has its natural scent and should not smell foul. If you have a fishy vaginal odor, it may be a sign of infection, and you need to consult your sexual health specialist. 

3.      Pain During Urination 

When you develop an infection, you may experience pain when passing urine. It may also develop as a burning sensation in your vagina.

4.      Redness and Swelling 

When you have an infection, you will experience extreme discomfort around your vaginal area. Consequently, you will develop an insatiable urge to scratch. When you continuously scratch your vagina, you may develop redness and swelling. You may also experience small outbreaks in your vaginal area. 

5.      Abnormal Bleeding 

In some scenarios, when you develop an infection, you may experience irregular bleeding phases. Thus, you may notice bleeding anytime you have sex or urinate. In most cases, the bleeding will occur between your period days when you shouldn’t be bleeding. In some instances, you may also experience severe abdominal pain when you bleed. 

When you notice you have these symptoms, which show you have an infection, it is advisable to get tested immediately for proper diagnosis. After that, your sexual health specialist will give you a prescription, which will help manage the infection effectively.

It is advisable to complete the dosage even when the symptoms subside. You should also wear cotton panties and hang them out in the sun to dry after cleaning them. Also, avoid having sex with multiple partners and always have protected sexual intercourse.

To avoid a recurring infection, ensure your partner also undergoes testing and treatment. If not treated, your infection could result in severe life-threatening conditions. Such infections during pregnancy can result in loss of pregnancy, infertility, and even preterm delivery.

After undergoing the treatment, it will help you take charge of your sexual health.