Treating Eczema With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Eczema is a group of skin conditions that cause you to suffer itchy and inflamed patches of skin. While it consists of several different types of skin problems, its most common form is that of atopic dermatitis. Under this condition, the sufferer will experience symptoms of a red rash coupled with both dry and itchy skin.

How Western Medicine Treats Eczema

To treat eczema, doctors will prescribe a combination of steroids and complementary medicines in order to alleviate the symptoms of the rash and itchy skin. The cooling itch reliving creams coupled with anti-inflammatory drugs helps to suppress the eczema symptoms. However, prolong usage of these treatments can lead to serious unwanted side effects. This is especially so for the continual consumption of steroids.

Given that eczema can be a prolong and ongoing issue, the primary treatment method of steroids may not be favorable in the long run. Instead, patients are increasingly turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a long term and regular solution to eczema.

Given that many consumers in western countries have remained unconvinced of the safety and effectiveness of TCM, we will now examine how TCM practitioners treat eczema.

How TCM Views Eczema

To understand eczema through the lens of TCM, we first need to have an introduction to how TCM differs from western medicine. For starters, TCM believes that the body is fully connected and that life energy known as Qi flows through it. It is when Qi is cut off that a part of the body falls ill. As such, to heal the body, the first step is always to restore the flow of Qi and bring balance back to the body.

This is directly in contrast with Western medicine which aims to directly take out the symptoms or viruses that exist in the body. Such a contrast in beliefs is directly evident in the treatments available for TCM.

While as covered before, western medicine aims to directly suppress the symptoms of eczema, TCM takes the view that eczema is not an isolated issue. Instead, eczema is a sign of a deeper problem existing within the body. It is this deeper problem that has thrown the body off balance, allowing for eczema to emerge.

Commonly, atopic dermatitis is believed to be caused by:

  • Deficiencies that exist in either your spleen or liver
  • A lack of yin elements in your body
  • Excess presence of dampness, heat and wind within your body

When your body is off balance due to the presence of these foreign elements and deficiencies, your skin’s defense is disabled. In turn, pathogens are free to wreak havoc on your skin, giving rise to full blown eczema.

Treating Eczema with TCM

TCM treats eczema by strengthening your liver and spleen while dispelling pathogenic factors. This is achieved through the consumption of herbs such as Chinese thorowax root, tree peony bark and liquorice root. Once this has been achieved, your body’s meridians will be opened up, allowing Qi to flow to your skin. Thereafter, the body’s self recovery mechanisms can began their work.