Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

When alcohol consumption becomes compulsive and uncontrolled, it can have far-reaching and devastating consequences. Alcohol use disorder in Calabasas is a serious condition and requires attention from a specialist.

There are several courses of action you can take if diagnosed with alcohol use disorder which includes the following.


To many people, detoxification means withdrawal. However, that is not the case, especially with alcoholism.

Detoxification involves a process of medically removing alcohol from the body. It usually takes a week in which you may be injected with an IV that may include sedatives.

Detox is typically done at a hospital or inpatient treatment center/rehab center. It is a way to bypass the side effects of withdrawing or as it is popularly called, ‘going cold turkey.’


Using medicine to treat alcohol use disorder is a very short-term approach. To be clear, no medicine can cure alcoholism.

However, there are medicines that are used to make drinking a very uncomfortable activity. Medicines such as Naltrexone, Antabuse, and Acamprosate can help reduce alcohol consumption. They do so by making you feel sick when you drink, reducing cravings, and preventing you from getting drunk when you drink.

By eliciting a physical reaction different from the regular sensations you feel when consuming alcohol, the pills substantially reduce alcohol ingestion.

Counseling and Therapy

The most effective way to treat a disorder, including alcohol use disorder, is to treat the root cause of the problem. Counseling and therapy will examine your mind to determine the reasons why you drink and why you cannot control your drinking.

When you treat the cause of a disorder, the symptoms will follow suit and disappear. The psychological aspects of alcohol consumption are often the most important.

Therapy and counseling sessions can be conducted individually or collectively. It will depend on the understanding between the therapist/counselor and patient.

Family members and friends participating in the counseling sessions may also be helpful.

Group Support

One of the most effective programs as far as alcohol use disorder is concerned is the Alcoholics Anonymous program. The reason it works so well is that it holds members accountable for their actions while offering the chance to get support from others.

Suffering from alcoholism is a serious problem. However, your problem might seem minuscule when you hear cases of people who have struggled with more acute and lengthier cases of alcohol use.

Ongoing support also makes it easier to stay away from alcohol and tempting scenarios. If you fall off the wagon, there is always someone to pick you up and help you start again.

Spiritual Practice

Adopting a spiritual practice has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to stop the uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. Simply stated, those with a spiritual practice find it easier to stop consuming alcohol and to stay away from alcohol than those who don’t.

A spiritual practice is great because it is likely to help many other areas of your life and not just your alcoholism. Gaining insight as to why you need to fill your void with alcohol instead of other activities helps many people turn their life around.