Tummy Tuck Procedures – Redefine your shape

You have tried all the detoxification products money can buy or you have tried doing tummy-reducing exercises, but all your efforts to attain a perfect figure have become futile. You start feeling like the universe is working against you. However, there is one more thing you have not tried; booking an appointment with Matthew J. Lynch, MD for East Windsor tummy tuck. Here are a few facts you need to know prior to your visit:

A tummy tuck isn’t a weight loss procedure

A person that has had a tummy tuck may shed a few pounds, but that does not make it a weight loss procedure. Rather, it has more to do with contouring where your abdominal skin will be pulled downwards. Though it does not eliminate stretch marks, it may decrease them as long as they are part of our abdominal skin.

Insurance may not cover the costs

Tummy tuck is categorized under cosmetic surgery. Insurance only covers medical procedures such as hernia or removal of excess skin from massive weight loss. Most insurance companies, with the exception of a few, may not cover for tummy tuck and other cosmetic surgery procedures and prescriptions. Therefore, it is important to find out whether you can afford it.

Research the tummy tuck professionals before making your final decision

Like any other form of surgery, a successful tummy tuck procedure can only be conducted by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. During your search for a surgeon, anyone you come across may claim to be qualified, but that does not mean they all are. Make sure to check out qualifications and customer reviews before deciding on a surgeon.

Your doctor may recommend liposuction

In some cases, liposuction can go hand in hand with tummy tuck when sculpting the waist and love handle area. It addresses the unnatural bulge on the hips and lack of definition. To get the best results, surgeons may introduce fat-to-fat grafts to redefine the shape and contoured area. 

Get plenty of rest for a week after the surgery

Though tummy tucks are outpatient surgeries, you are not supposed to engage in house chores or work until the scar heals completely. Get someone to help you with standing, sitting, and going to the bathroom. Do not lift anything weighing over 10 pounds that can have a heavy toll on your scar.

Expect health benefits

Besides looking great with a perfect waistline, you will have more medical benefits after a tummy tuck. Most people can attest to enjoying improved stability. In addition, it helps with back pain and bloating, keeping your digestive system in place.

Get a tummy tuck to redefine your waist

Getting a tummy tuck does not mean you are lazy when it comes to losing weight. It means you have chosen to do what it takes to get your life back after child delivery or being diagnosed with eating disorders. Through these facts, you will know what to expect before you book your appointment. Consult your surgeon today to learn more about the benefits of a tummy tuck.