Understanding Emergency Dentistry and Why You Should Seek These Services

There are different reasons for a dental emergency, the two major ones being trauma, resulting in a broken jaw or knocked out tooth, and the second reason is oral health concerns that have been overlooked for a long time. Regardless of the reason for a dental emergency, the condition can be distressing and confusing. It comes with a range of limitations on the dental office you can visit for the specific problem. It would be best to look for a reliable Yonkers emergency dentistry expert for efficient services that will help you get your oral health back as soon as possible.

For the best services, you must first understand the aspects of emergency dentistry. Read on to understand.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can be defined as a life-threatening dental issue that requires immediate medical treatment to stop the pain, bleeding, or infection.  Some of the problems that may prompt you to seek emergency dentistry include:

  •         Uncontrolled oral bleeding
  •         Swelling caused by an unknown infection
  •         Trauma resulting in a broken jaw, knocked out tooth, or compromised facial bones

These are serious issues, and if not handled on time, could result in irreversible damages. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals seek urgent dental care, which deals with managing dental conditions that require immediate attention, thus eliminating the burden on emergency rooms.

Why Should You Seek Emergency Dentistry Services?

You May Not Know How Bad the Situation is

Perhaps you have been bleeding for a few days, or you have been experiencing a sharp pain around your gums. You know something needs to be done, but you have been assuming that it is just the usual pain and it will go away if you take some over-the-counter antibiotics. Such assumptions can be misleading, and with time, the small problem might turn into an irreversible problem. Seeking the help of an emergency dentist as soon as you feel that something is wrong with your dental health is the only way to be sure of what is going on.

Minimize Risks of Complications

As earlier mentioned, seeking the assistance of an emergency dentist will save you from making wrong assumptions. The professional will examine you to determine how bad the issue is, hence protecting you from further complications. Most dental health issues are not contained, meaning that they might cause further problems if left unattended. For example, an oral infection can quickly spread to other areas such as gums, which could have been prevented by seeking emergency dental care.

Save Your Tooth

The other benefit of seeking emergency dentistry services is that the expert may save you from losing a tooth. You probably suffered a blow on your jaw, or you feel that one or more of your teeth are loose. That does not automatically mean that you need an implant. By getting timely assistance, the dentist will offer useful tips on caring for the affected tooth and avoiding further damages. The professional can also set the tooth firmly in place, thus reducing the chances of losing it.

You should never be embarrassed to call an emergency dentist after an unexpected event. The expert knows the kind of questions to ask to evaluate your condition and establish if you need emergency services. For more information on the same, visit your doctor at Yonkers Dental Arts.