Use Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil to boost your immunity & manage cholesterol

Rice Bran Oil is used mostly for cooking purposes not only in India but also in many other Asian countries. The outer layer of the rice grain is the main product that makes rice bran oil. Just recently, rice bran oil gained a lot of popularity and is being appreciated all over the globe for some of its superior benefits to health.

India’s first and No. 1 rice bran oil brand is  Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil, having wide popularity all over India. Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil is rich in Gamma Oryzanol which increases good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol. It is also rich in Vitamin A, D and E along with squalene which maintains a strong immune system.

Natural antioxidants present in Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil boost your immunity every day. It contains squalene which also contributes to improving the strong immune system. Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil contains gamma oryzanol that increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol, making it a heart healthy oil. Rice bran oil has a high smoke point, which makes the oil best for cooking delicious fried recipes. With Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil, you can enjoy your favorite ghar ka khana and keep your heart healthy!

Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil not only provides immunity but at the same time helps heart patients to maintain their cholesterol level by improving HDL/LDL ratio. It contains good fats which is why the oil is rich in polyunsaturated fats. One significant point that many food lovers would be happy to know is this oil is not oily at all. The oil is less sticky in nature allowing seamless cooking with no worries. It also has a high smoke point which makes the oil perfect for preparing fried food recipes

Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil is growing to become one of the most demanded cooking oils in India. The oil is considered great for users who want to improve their heart health as it is a heart-friendly oil and can lower the bad cholesterol in such patients. Fortune is one of the most renowned in the food industry having a wide network. All products made from this brand go through stringent quality checks and are prepared by using the safest procedures.