Useful Tips From Experts In Addiction Treatment

If you’re aware of someone who suffers drug or alcohol addiction, then you know how devastating life is for the addict. Often they are too scared to get help or feel that they can do it on their own. To ease the anxiety, it’s important one knows about the healing process and understand what it entails. Here are some time-tested expert-tips that will bring some clarity to a chaotic and emotional situation:

THE ACTUAL SUBSTANCE ADDICTED TO IS NOT THE PROBLEM: The problem lay silently within the triggers that cause an addict to use. Yes, there can be a predisposed genetic issue that makes one more susceptible, however, it is the deep, quiet promptings from an emotional/psychological standpoint that are the actual problem. This is why addicts need therapy; they have to get down the root of what they’re running away from. Why do they want an alternate reality? What makes real-life something they ache to avoid? These questions will be answered as long as the addict will follow through with all therapy appts.

IT’S HARD TO SAY, BUT AN ADDICT WILL USUALLY RELAPSE: It is important that addicts understand that relapse is a looming threat–and in many cases, expected. However if one is tired of what chasing addiction has caused in their life, and if they are truly ready to stay committed to recovery, it can be done. That being said, it is much easier if they don’t carry around the weight of regret for relapsing–they should save that energy to prevent another one.

AN ADDICTS SUPPORT SYSTEM IS VITAL ABOVE ALL ELSE: Once someone decides on and is participating in a recovery process, how their support system handles them in this fragile state can make all the difference. Family and friends need to be educated on the issues and be taught that being there for the addict and having their trust is non-negotiable. They need to know that they can come to you and be received in a nonjudgmental way whenever they are tempted to use it again. The goal here is that they get help at that very moment while the temptation is only a thought, and stop it before it gets to their hands.

A BAD ADDICTION CAN BE REPLACED BY A “GOOD” ONE: Sometimes people will avoid the process of getting to the root cause and triggers are for wanting to escape what hurts inside. They may decide to do it on their own and bypass any therapy that would help find where they are emotionally wounded, and instead take up obsessive jogging, working out, or eating healthy (which often turns into anorexia)–all this can be nothing more than avoidance behavior and can be just as destructive. By participating in all these, the pain and loud dysfunctional thoughts inside can be easily drowned out and never dealt with.

TREATMENT FACILITIES ARE NOT A VACATION: There are those who picture an addiction facility like the rehab center in Chandler AZ: beautifully landscaped, a workout gym, yoga studio, relaxing bed to rest in with soft and calm lighting. Even better, maybe there’s a pool with luxurious furniture to snuggle into and read for a while. FALSE! All that may be true about the property, but addiction facilities are not a respite; they involve hard work, a strong will, and a desire to leave better than when you arrived. That is where one’s mindset should be when envisioning what staying in one of these might be like.

A person with an addiction can find hope and healing if they reach out and grab hold of it. Knowing the truth about what that entails is paramount to void out any misconceptions of what that looks like. Again, always check for a rehab center in Chandler, that best suits you. Be prepared for intensive soul searching and learning coping skills for adversity. Finally, please know that those who can help are only a phone call away by doing a simple internet search. Find those phone numbers, and call.