Also known as blepharoplasty, Asian double eyelid surgery is a medical procedure that involves reshaping of the skin around the eyelids. The surgical procedure aims at transforming an upper eyelid without a crease known as a single eyelid or monolid into a double eyelid (an upper eyelid with a crease).

Anatomically, Asian’s eyelids have unique characteristics with most of themhaving single eyelids and thicker skin. A single eyelidlacks the supratarsal fold that forms the double eyelid. Others have double eyelids but with a small crease size in comparison to European and African eyelids.

Asian double eyelid surgery adds a fold to the natural single eyelids of the Asians resulting in a larger, almond-shaped eye. The operation can also include epicanthoplasty whereby the inner corner of the eye is elongated medially towards the nose. The result is a lengthened height and width of the eye, improving its aesthetic appearance.

the procedure

A certified plastic surgeon performs the procedure. He/she examines the eyelid and informs the patient of the suitable surgical plan and also the outcome of the operation.

The surgeon administers anaesthesia before the procedure, and once it has taken effect, he/she makes an incision in the eyelid and removes the fat tissue and skin through the incision.

After that, the doctor makes a suture to close and tighten the incision.Then the procedure is done, resulting in a double eyelid.

The eyelid crease gets more visible, and the eye gets brighter. The eyelashes too, are clear resulting in a better overall appearance of the eye.

There are swelling, redness and possibly pain, but it varies from individual to individual, and typically, the doctor will provide treatment to lessen the effects.

How long does the recovery take?

Depending on the method of surgery, the procedure can take at least 30minutes to 2hours. But the patient is required to stay in the hospital for about 1-2hours for after treatment and medication.

It takes two weeks for the bruising and swelling to subside although it is unnoticeable in some people.  Within the two weeks, you notice that the eyelids have started looking normal, and within three to four weeks, you can see the full results of the procedure.

As with any other surgery, it is essential to avoid any activities during the recovery time, that may strain the eyes. For quick recovery, the doctor will advise you to keep away from direct sunlight or wear sunglasses to avoid straining the eyes.

Healthy eating is also vital so that the body can heal naturally faster and avoidance of alcohol and smoking is advisable for at least during the healing time. Makeup on the eyelids is not also allowed until you recover.

Who is eligible for asian double eyelid procedure?

The procedure is for both genders and is a safe and effective way of creating a double eyelid or if you are generally dissatisfied with your eyelid.

It is a custom surgery that depends on individual characteristics of the eyelid, but you can go for this procedure if you have:

  • A single eyelid and would like to double it.
  • Excess fat in the eyelids making your eyes look puffy.
  • A hooded or flat upper eyelid
  • If you want

brighter or bigger eyes.

You should consult with the surgeon who will advise you accordingly by analysing your eyelids.


Asian eyelid surgery is a medical procedure that can improve the eyes, both medically and aesthetically.