What to Expect in General Dentistry Procedures

Your dental health is essential in maintaining an attractive smile, free from unpleasant mouth odors and dental problems. With healthy teeth and gums, you can navigate through the streets of Red Bank without worrying you will embarrass yourself with dental issues. Below are possible dental practices to expect at your next general dentistry appointment at your dentist in Red Bank, NJ. 

1.      Dental Checkup 

A general dental checkup is essential to identify any arising dental problems and prevent them from becoming worse. Additionally, with screening, your dentist can identify potential problems that are not easy to notice to the naked eye. When you have a dental examination, your dentist will clean your teeth and eliminate any potential plaque build-up in hard to reach areas during brushing. 

During the examination, your dentist will assess your overall dental hygiene and even identify any potential risks of any dental disease or infection. If you have any jaw problems with chewing or biting food, your dentist will pinpoint the issue and address it in real-time. 

You may also have an X-Ray examination as part of your dental checkup. An oral cancer screening is also essential for early cancer detection for prompt diagnosis and treatment. 

2.      Dental Fillings and Crowns 

When you have dental cavities, your dentist may opt to install dental fillings to eliminate the cavity. Sometimes, a dental filling is applicable when you have an injured tooth. The fillings you choose vary depending on the material present ranging from gold and even porcelain fillings. 

You may also have a dental crown installation if you have extensive teeth decay. In such a scenario, the crown is usually the last viable option before having a tooth extraction. Thus, you restore your teeth function and eliminate the risk of tooth loss. 

3.      Tooth Extractions 

When you have an irreparable tooth due to decay, your dentist performs an extraction to put an end to the problem and prevent the spread of the infection to other healthy teeth. Furthermore, in cases where you have periodontal gum disease, your dentist will clean your teeth and offer the best treatment options. 

4.      Dental Implants and Braces 

Implants provide an almost natural way of replacing your teeth. Consequently, they mirror your real teeth with a permanent artificial approach. Additionally, they will look like your natural teeth, but they will also adopt the function. 

On the other hand, braces provide teeth alignment that eliminates teeth crookedness and gives you better teeth function when you chew or bite food. Crooked teeth can result in overbites or underbites, which can inflict pain on your gums and cause sores. 

In the long run, timely dental examinations offer a preventative dentistry approach in eliminating severe dental problems. Thus, please do not ignore the significant benefits of general dentistry practices, and they help you save money and time in the long run and monitor your dental health effectively. Plus, if you experience any dental problems while at home, you can voice your concerns during the visit.