What You Need To Know About Penile Torsion

If a man is experiencing penile torsion he is not without hope. This is now a way that this condition can be repaired. Penile torsion repair can be performed by a qualified doctor and will help a man end his issues. This is a simple surgery that can be used for penile torsion repair and it will not damage other tissue.

Basic Method

The procedure will help repair the torsion and the degree of the torsion. It will help realign the skin and will help with the dorsal dartos flap and even the corporopexy. The torsion will then be checked using the method of an artificial erection after each part of the procedure. If the problem is fixed there may be steps that are skipped since they will not be needed.


There were 25 different cases of penile torsion that were allowed to be examined and repaired. The torsion ranged from 30 to 180 degrees. The degree was repaired and the man continued to go in for a checkup for a four-year person. Three of the cases were able to be corrected by the degloving process only. Out of these 12 men needed both the degloving process and additional skin realignment. Five of the dartos flaps needed repair and four of the men were required to have a corporopexy for the repair of this issue. There were minimal complications. Some of the men did experience penile edema and there was one case of a hematoma. There was also another case of dorsal skin gangrene. None of the men needed surgery to fix the problem or to deal with complications from the procedure.

Good Approach

One of the best approaches to fix the penile torsion is the ladder step approach. It can help with the repair and this technique has fewer risks than surgery. A man can continue to get this treatment until the problem is fully corrected. A man does not have to plan on having a complex process.

Penile Skin

Another procedure can be done to help a man with torsion. Forty-six men that were circumcised had this procedure. The penile torsion was isolated and a man has a torsion of greater than 40 degrees. The skin was degloved so that it would create a penoscrotal junction. Polyglactin absorbable sutures were used to reduce the torsion and help rotate the skin on the penis. The skin was rotated to meet up with the adjacent glands and change the direction of the torsion in the penile skin sleeve. Loose penile skin was resected. The skin was also tightened to allow for the penile to align properly. A small incision was made during this process and it was closed with the same suture. This process was then evaluated about how the physician felt about the procedure and the results that the patients had.

Patient Results

The patients did attend a follow-up with their doctor. Ninety-five percent of the men were happy with the results. There were two that had residual torsion. There were only minor complications including a fever. This technique is safe when done by a qualified doctor and is effective at helping a man with penile torsion. Most men were happy with the results.

Penile torsion can take away some confidence that a man has. Now he does not have to worry about this problem. There are some simple things that a man can do to have this taken care of and regain his self-confidence.