What You Ought to Know About Vascular Specialists

Vascular health is mainly determined by your genetics and lifestyle choices. With the help of a vascular specialist, you can stay younger and more vibrant for years to come. Vascular Specialists was established to prevent and rectify vascular complications in Chicago. If you are in Chicago, visit Dr. Eugene Tanquilut in Tinley Park and Evergreen Park, Illinois. He is oriented towards delivering quality and empathetic care for all patients seeking vascular care.

About Vascular Specialists

Vascular Specialists is a trusted practice in Southwest Chicago housing a team of vascular surgeons and a medical staff treating all types of vascular diseases. The practice offers diagnostic testing, medical intervention, and expert reconstructive vascular surgical treatments at the offices in Tinley Park and Evergreen Park, Illinois.

Your physicians at Vascular Specialists draft premium vascular treatment plans based on diagnostic tests and clinical evaluations. Most laboratory services are on-site for your convenience. Vascular Specialists has an in-office ultrasound technician and also delivers top-notch care for leg wounds.

Doctors at Vascular Specialists have an in-depth understanding of drug therapy and how to manage controllable risk factors related to your vascular health. The highly trained team available on-site offers innovative surgical techniques and chooses minimally invasive procedures when possible.

For a successful surgery, preoperative and post-operative care is delivered to minimize complications and promote a faster recovery. If you need dialysis, be sure to take advantage of the Ellypsis® Vascular Access System.

Vascular Specialists offers high-quality stents from Bard, Boston, and Cordis for arterial blockages and opts for technologically advanced Spectranetics® Laser and the Phillips vascular ultrasound. You are also granted expert information needed to arrive at ideal decisions concerning your treatment options.

Services Offered at Vascular Specialists

Vascular specialists offer quality treatment for:

  •   Aneurysms
  •   Angiography
  •   Ankle discoloration
  •   Aortic aneurysm
  •   Aortic aneurysm open repair
  •   Arterial disease
  •   Carotid artery stenting
  •   Carotid disease
  •   Carotid endarterectomy
  •   Clottriever
  •   Dialysis access
  •   Dialysis access creation and maintenance
  •   Endovascular aortic aneurysms open repair
  •   Leg swelling
  •   Leg wounds
  •   Non-surgical vein treatments
  •   Peripheral artery bypass procedures
  •   Peripheral artery disease treatment
  •   Spider veins
  •   Transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR)
  •   Varicose vein procedures
  •   Venous disease
  •   Venous insufficiency
  •   Venous ulcers

About Telehealth Services at Vascular Specialists

After requesting a virtual appointment, your provider sends a calendar invite with a link to digital registration forms. You should complete the forms via the provided link to meet your provider on your invitation’s specified date and time without making a physical visit.

Your telehealth platform offers services like:

  •   Chat and photo-sharing capabilities

You can chat with your doctor and upload relevant pictures when needed.

  •   Digital patient registration

You can register online and include info about your symptoms, allergies, medical history, medication, and ID cards before your first teleconference visit.

  •   HIPAA compliant

Your telehealth appointments are secure as it only allows authorized users to access a session.

  •   Prescription management

Your provider manages your medications by sending your prescriptions to your pharmacy through a secure online platform.

  •   Secure online payment

It provides a secure medium for sending your payments for services received.

  •   Two-way, high-definition video

You can use video conferencing, letting you have a face to face meeting conveniently from your office or house.

Wrap Up

If you need quality vascular health care, call Vascular Specialists, or use the online tool to schedule a consultation today. You can visit Vascular Specialists in Tinley Park or Evergreen Park, Illinois to get the best and long-lasting remedy for your vascular problems.