What You Should Know About CoolSculpting

You may have tried different ways of getting rid of the stubborn fat that hangs on different parts of your body like the abdomen, chin, and upper arm with no success. Well, you no longer have to worry because, at Internist and Internal Medicine, Dr. E. Martin Maida offers CoolSculpting services to all the residents of Livingston, New Jersey.

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that involves the reduction of fat in the targeted areas. There are no physical preparations you must undertake before having this treatment, but it’s essential that you know various facts about it before proceeding.

The CoolSculpting Treatment Procedure

The doctor uses a device with applicators which resemble the nozzles of a vacuum cleaner. The applicator and the gel pads are applied to the target area to deliver controlled cooling. The doctor then moves the device to the area while applying suction and cooling technology. During the procedure, you may experience feelings of pinching, but that only results in minimal pain.

CoolSculpting treatment can take between one and three hours, after which your doctor will massage the target area to break up deep-frozen tissues. During the procedure, you can engage in various activities that keep you busy, like reading a book or listening to music.

How to Achieve Best Results from CoolSculpting

Your body metabolizes the fat frozen during treatment. Therefore, the procedure’s success largely depends on the performance of your lymphatic system, which eliminates the frozen fat. To ensure that your lymphatic system works well, you are required to stick to the right diet, drink enough water, and avoid salty and processed foods.

How To Know Whether CoolSculpting is Right for You

Before you seek any treatment procedure, it’s a must that you consult your doctor to know whether the procedure is right for you. Candidates for Cool Sculpting must have pinchable fat on the particular area of treatment. These fats often occur on the stomach, inner thighs, bra rolls, love handles, banana rolls, and upper arms.

The CoolSculpting procedure does not help you to cut weight but instead focuses on contouring your body surface. Candidates for this treatment are people who practice weight loss workouts and are on a healthy diet. If you are a candidate for this treatment, be sure you choose a professional doctor to achieve the best results.

What to Expect After CoolSculpting

After the treatment is over, your liver will process the crystallized fat cells and remove them from your body. Elimination of these dead cells takes quite some time; hence you shouldn’t expect immediate effects after CoolSculpting. Most patients realize the full impact three months after the treatment procedure.

CoolSculpting does not get rid of all the fat in the treatment area at once. Instead, you can only expect a fat reduction of about 20% to 25% at first. To get rid of all the unwanted fat, you may have to undergo multiple treatment procedures.

Side Effects of CoolSculpting

The side effects of this treatment usually affect only the area that has been treated and include:

  • Redness and swelling
  • Delayed-onset pain
  • Gradual enlargement of the treatment area, which is also called Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia PAH
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Cramping
  • Aching

Before you decide on having the CoolSculpting procedure, seek to know whether it’s right for you. You can achieve this by relying on a professional CoolSculpting doctor.