Why You Should Consider Telemedicine as an Option for Treatment

In the past, patients had to book a physical appointment each time they wanted to see a doctor. Modern technology has now made it possible to have phone and video appointments between the doctor and their patients for convenience. Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch gives you an option to request a virtual visit. You will also get the care you need regardless of your location.

Which services can you get using telemedicine?

  1.         Consultation and diagnosis: If you have a question regarding your health, you can make a virtual visit and let the doctor know of your concern. They can also diagnose most conditions through the phone visit by inquiring and observing your symptoms. If you do not need further tests, they will create a care plan and send you the prescription. If you require further evaluation, they will request that you make a physical visit.
  2.         Follow up: Virtual appointments make it easier for the doctor to follow up on your condition as opposed to making physical visits to see if treatment is working. You can also give feedback and request an adjustment to your medication if they have unpleasant side effects on your health.

   iii.         Medication management: For patients who regularly take medications, it is easier to check in virtually with the doctor for assessment rather than make the long and hectic physical visits.

What are the advantages of telemedicine to you as a patient?

  1.     Comfort and convenience

Telemedicine has made it possible to have a consultation at the comfort of your sofa or bed. You do not need to spend hours in the waiting room. Therefore, you will not miss an appointment even with a busy schedule. All you have to do is connect your phone at your office and ask the doctor anything concerning your symptoms.

  1.     Family connections

You can authorize to loop an additional member in the virtual meeting even if they are miles away. This is important for cases where a family member needs to provide more information and take notes on the doctor’s response.

  1.     Better management of chronic conditions

Chronic conditions require that you make regular visits to the doctor’s office, which may not be convenient. With telemedicine, it is easier to connect to the doctor each time you have an appointment. You can also consult them anytime something is not going as it should.  

  1.     Eliminates eldercare issues

It is always hectic to bring along older adults to see the doctor each time they have a concerning situation. Telemedicine provides relief by allowing you to connect them to the doctor at the comfort of your home. This can also be helpful for children’s issues.

Generally telemedicine will save you the cost and hustle of traveling to see a doctor each time you have a health issue. You are also less likely to pick up or spread other infections and illnesses. The next time you or a family member has an illness, remember you can always book a virtual meeting with Urgent and Family Care at Avery Ranch for consultation and treatment.