Women Healthcare Made Better by Dr. Patricia

Vibrant Women Health Center is a women’s health medical facility located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Through OB/GYN practitioner Patricia Nevils, the center aims at providing proactive and individualized health care to women across Lafayette. As such, if you are looking for an Icon Lafayette treatment center and other preventive and conditions treatment, consult Dr. Patricia.

About the Doctor

Dr. Patricia Nevis is highly-trained and experienced in multiple medical procedures. Dr. Nevis earned her biomedical engineering degree in Tulane, New Orleans. The doctor proceeded to earn her medical degree in the school of medicine in Louisiana. Patricia did her residency in OB/GYN practice at Clarity hospital. Dr. Patricia has over two decades of experience in OB/GYN practices. Through her vast knowledge and expertise in OG/GYN practices, Dr. Patricia helps women in Lafayette by improving their health awareness on various conditions. Dr. Patricia also offers multiple procedures to patients aimed at improving their general health.

About the Services Offered

Dr. Patricia leads a team of highly-trained practitioners in administering various services. The team of providers incorporates the use of advanced medical technology to enhance the efficiency of their services. The providers attend to patients compassionately and focus more on meeting the needs of their patients through various OB/GYN treatments. Dr. Patricia mainly assists women, using bioidentical hormone treatments, to help them during menopause, and maintaining healthy aging.

The providers have experience in multiple OB/GYN practices, which include surgical, non-surgical, and laser treatments. The personnel offers services such as contraception, well-woman care, nutritional advice, and preventive health screenings. The practitioners also treat conditions such as sexual dysfunction. Various procedures provided at the center include BioTE hormone pellet therapy, hormone replacement therapy, Tempsure Envi, o-shot, and elite laser treatments.


The center has a ‘gallery section’ on its website, which showcases some of the successful treatment procedures. Visit their website and have a look at their successful icon and Tempsure treatments. The ‘before and after’ pictures are a clear reflection of the quality of services provided by the center.

Blog Articles

Dr. Patricia emphasizes patient education. Through the facility’s website, patients can receive information on various treatment procedures and proper lifestyle choices. A brief highlight of these articles includes an article on non-hormonal birth control options, nutritional changes during menopause, and treating aging skin.

Reviews and Testimonials

Dr. Patricia Nevils appreciates and values feedback from his patients. To date, the center boasts a 5 out of 5-star rating on 12 collected reviews. Visit the center’s website to have a look at some of the testimonials by patients. Most patients describe the staff at the center as compassionate and caring to all patients.

How to Contact the Center

Patents can reach the center through mobile or book an online appointment. Conveniently, patients around Louisiana and the wider LA region can visit the facility’s location. If you have trouble finding the direction, visit their website. Note that the facility is open from Monday to Friday. The working hours start at 8 am to 5 pm except for Friday when the center closes at noon.

In conclusion, Vibrant Women Health Center provides multiple OB/GYN services. The staff, at the center, handle patients well, making visits to the center feel comfortable. Schedule for an appointment now at the center for advice or any OB/GYN service you might need.