Your Dental Solutions Partner in California

The fact is that you need to constantly take care of your teeth for your overall good health. If you seek efficient dental services for the whole family, look no further than Madison Family Dental Group. The practice offers a proficient staff providing quality services in a cozy environment.

About Madison Family Dental Group

Located in Fair Oaks, California, Madison Family Dental Group is your one-stop shop for all your family’s dental needs. Under dentist Shiva Salehi, DDS, the practice thrives in offering conservative dental treatments with a touch of compassion and gentle care.

Your providers are experienced in offering several treatment options such as dental emergency care, dental crowns, smile makeovers, tooth sensitivity treatments, jaw pain, and many more. Madison Family Dental Group comprehends patients’ anxiety for dental treatments. As such, they strive to not only provide you high-quality care, but also a safe haven where you can feel comfortable.

Available Services

Patients visit Madison Family Dental Group for a wide range of world-class services such as:

  • Smile Makeover Specialist – No matter the appearance of your smile, you can achieve a bright, vibrant smile free from chips, stains, or missing teeth. If your dental structure makes you feel insecure, you can benefit from innovative smile makeover practices from Madison Family Dental Group.
  • Tooth Sensitivity Specialist – If you experience a sharp pain in your teeth whenever you bite into something cold or hot, you are suffering from tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods and drinks. Turn to Madison Family Dental Group for effective treatment against this condition.
  • Jaw Pain Specialist – Do you experience pain in your jaw areas? If so, you can benefit from Shiva Salehi’s methods. The doctor examines your pain before formulating the ideal personalized treatment for you.
  • Dental Exam Specialist – For proper health, kids and adults alike require regular dental exams and teeth cleanings. If you fancy innovative technological and a sanitary environment, look no further than Madison Family Dental Group for assured quality.
  • Dental Crowns Specialist – Dental crowns are ideal if you seek to restore faulty teeth and improve your smile’s appearance. Dr. Salehi and her team regularly perform this cutting-edge treatment to enhance smiles and improve lives.
  • Dental Emergency Specialist – If you are faced with a dental emergency, it is crucial to have an available practitioner you can trust for speedy relief. Your capable team at Madison Family Dental Group are available around the clock to attend to your dental emergencies.
  • Root Canal Treatment Specialist – When your teeth are painful and sensitive to hot or cold substances you may benefit from a root canal. At the practice, Shiva Salehi, DDS, applies modern technology and relatively painless methods to give a comfortable root canal treatment experience.
  • Teeth Whitening Specialist – Yellow and discolored teeth can make you wary about flaunting your smile. Luckily, thanks to modern medicine, you can achieve a whiter smile that makes you proud. Your practitioners at Madison Family Dental Group provide both in-office and at-home teeth whitening using innovative Philips Zoom!® for best results.

Bottom Line

Dental problems are numerous and may cause unimaginable pain. As such, it is crucial to place the fate of your teeth in an expert’s hands. Contact Madison Family Dental Group to get the most of your dental procedure. Call or schedule an appointment online today.